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A free and open-source
lab notebook.
Usable, efficient, simple and yet complete.


Modernize your lab
Get a real database
Find what you search easily


Export your experiments
as pdf, spreadsheet or zip archive


Any kind of lab can use eLabFTW
from molecular biology to crystallography lab


Get frequent updates
They will always be free !

It was made by researchers, for researchers, with usability in mind.

Try a live demo How to install

This website will be redesigned in the near future. In the meantime, here is a quick features list

# general
- free (as in speech)
- free (as in beer)
- multi-plateform (server or client)
- web based (no install necessary on client)
- multiple teams
- quick search + advanced search
- git deployement

# experiments
- custom status
- visibility setting
- rich wysiwyg editor
- insert images into text
- duplicate experiments
- export as pdf
- export as zip archive
- general default experiment template
- user templates
- lock the experiment
- tags
- join any type of file
- link with database items

# database
- import from spreadsheet files
- custom type of items with templates
- same features as experiments
- rating system
- see all experiments linked with this item

# security
- formkeys
- anti bruteforce system
- log system
- secure storage of password (sha512)
- secure password reset mechanism 
- option for new account admin validation

# intellectual property
- timestamping of experiments (pdf export)
compliant with European standard ETSI TS 102 023 and
certified RGS (French General Security Specifications)
more info : https://www.universign.eu/en/timestamp/
- allow or not users to delete experiments
- revisions system to see history

# user experience
- lovely design (by Manon Potier)
- optimized code/assets for speed and correctness
- customizable keyboard shortcuts
- option for displaying a warning on editor tab close
- display preferences
- custom link in menu
- statistics
- tagcloud
- TODOlist

# planned features
- a lot


Recent Updates

This live demo will give you a better idea of the look and feel of the app.
Also, you will be able to try everything, with admin rights.

Hello, I'm Nicolas CARPi, the creator of eLabFTW.
I work in Institut Curie in Paris, France.

If you have any question, remark or suggestion you can drop me an email :

To know more about eLabFTW, you can read the FAQ on Github.